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Vacuum Cleaner Brands


Known for their exceptional cleaning performance and high filtration,
these premium German engineered machines are taking the USA by

We stock a huge selection of their canister vacuums and
several of their upright models. We have an extensive display, which
allows you to try the different models before you buy, whether you need
a stick vacuum, straight suction canister or a turbo head unit, or a
full featured powerteam we can show you all the differences.

We are also proud to be a Miele Homecare dealer. This designation allows us to
sell the exclusive HomeCare lineup, which is not available on line or in
the big box stores. These units give you better warranties, and
features not found on other models at an exceptional price.

We offer
the best prices you can find on their machines and keep dozens of units
in stock for your convenience.

Miele Vacuum Cleaners, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Another German line of vacuums, the Sebo machines are some of our very best. Mostly uprights, but an ever growing selection of canister vacuums make up their line up.   These machines are all manufactured in Germany by one of the world’s largest commercial vacuum manufacturers.

Therefore, they are about the best built units out there.  They are innovative, quiet, smooth, and powerful.  They are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.  

All units offer high filtration, lifetime guaranteed belts, hoses and tools on board, and a host of user friendly features.  Priced from $499, these offer some of the best values in long life vacuums available. 

If  you are in the market for a new machine, please come test drive a Sebo.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Long known as the commercial division of Eureka, now the commercial division of Electrolux. We carry a full line of their blue series vacuums as well as many of their red line. If you are looking for top cleaning performance at a reasonable price in a lighter weight, you have to come in and check these out. Don’t be fooled by the more traditional design, these vacuums remove more dirt than most vacuums on the market, hands down.

Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


This American icon in vacuums remains an industry leader in vacuum sales. This company is not the same old Hoover. Owned by Chinese interests it has become an importer of lower priced products, though competitive in price and features, not the same quality that they were once known for.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Long known for door to door sold canisters, this Swedish manufacturer makes a full line of top quality retail cans as well. With competitively priced, well featured, high filtration and quiet vacuums, Electrolux makes several uprights, but cans are their specialty. Owner of Eureka, this American staple in the vacuum world has a value priced line up of vacuums.

Electrolux Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


This company is one of our favorites. American owned, American Made. That’s right. 100% of their uprights and many of their canisters are made in St. James, MO. With great features, durability, exceptional warranties, unique technologies, these are awesome vacuums. We carry 3 unique lines of uprights each with unique features designed for different situations. We also carry several of their canister vacuums for those who prefer a can. Buying one of these vacuums will not only be great for you and your floors, it helps us support a company that supports our country.

Simplicity Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Dyson is the leader in bag-less vacuums. These vacuums have made quite an impact on the market since their introduction in 2004. We are a full line Dyson dealer and warranty/service center. Our prices are some of the best anywhere. Come take one for a test drive and let us help you pick the right Dyson for your needs. Their lineup has a lot of variables; picking the right Dyson for your home is critical to getting the performance you expect.

Dyson Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Bissell is a budget line-up of bag-less vacuums, widely sold in the Box stores. We carry a few select models for the budget conscious consumer, as well as many of their great carpet cleaners/extractors.

Bissell Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Although Panasonic is known for TV’s and cameras, this electronics manufacturer has made good quality vacuums since 1957. We carry several uprights and canisters in their line-up and can get almost any other in just days on a special order basis.

Panasonic Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dirt Devil

This company sells under both Royal and Dirt Devil brands and their parent company also now owns Hoover. We love their hand vacs and specialty vacs. We carry several of their uprights and canisters. These are good quality, low priced vacuums.

Dirt Devil Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Kirby is the best-known door to door vacuum sold and for good reason. They offer superior cleaning, unmatched durability, and versatility. We do not sell new Kirby’s. They are only purchased from an in-home salesperson. We do occasionally have used and rebuilt Kirby’s for sale. City Wide is a factory authorized service center for Kirby vacuums. We carry a full line of bags, belts, brushes, shampoo, parts, and accessories to keep your Kirby running at its best. If it has anything to do with a Kirby give us a call, we can help.

Kirby Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah

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