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Vacuum Cleaner Brands


Known for their exceptional cleaning performance and high filtration,
these premium German engineered machines offer exceptional performance, longevity, and user friendly features.  Quality you can see and feel.

We stock the largest selection on Miele vacuum’s in the state. We have an extensive display, which allows you to try the different models before you buy. Whether you need a stick vacuum, straight suction canister or a turbo head unit, or a full featured powerteam we can show you all the differences.

If you are in the market for a rechargeable vacuum, you owe it to yourself to see the Miele Triflex in action before you make your final decision.

We are also proud to be a Miele Homecare dealer. This designation allows us to
sell the exclusive HomeCare lineup, which is not available on line or in
the big box stores. These units give you better warranties, and
features not found on other models at an exceptional price.

We typically stock dozens and dozens of Miele’s, however, due to COVID-19 there is a worldwide shortage of Miele products causing our stock to change daily. If you’re curious about a certain Miele come in to our store or call us at (801) 486-8251.

Miele Vacuum Cleaners, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


You may never have heard of this brand, but we have been a dealer for them for more than 2 decades.   They are some of the best built, most innovative machines on the market.   These machines are all manufactured in Germany by one of the world’s largest commercial vacuum manufacturers.  The Sebo line up of machines, are built for home use, but possess all the durability features found in high end commercial units.   We carry a full line up of upright and canister style vacuums from them.   We are the oldest and largest Sebo dealer in Utah.

Sebo offers an exclusive 10 year household warranty on most of their machines, that is the longest warranty in the industry.  We do all warranty and service on these units in house.

All units offer high filtration,   hoses and tools on board, lifetime belts and a host of user friendly features.  Priced from $499, these offer some of the best values in long life vacuums available.

If  you are in the market for a new machine, please come test drive a Sebo.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


We have sold thousands of Sanitaire’s over the years.  These are the familiar red commercial vacuums that you often see in many hotels and restaurants.   They offer exceptional  carpet cleaning at an affordable price.  While not often used in homes, they are often the choice for budget concious business and commercial users.  We offer many models to choose from.

Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


This American icon in vacuums remains an industry leader in vacuum sales. This company is not the same old Hoover your parents knew and loved.  Now an importer of mostly inexpensive, bagless vacuums, Hoovers offer innovative designs in lower priced machines.   Designed to be budget friendly, disposable type machines.   Where we once offered a store full of Hoover’s, we now offer a few select units for the budget concious buyer.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


One of our favorite brands.   This line up of vacuums provide some of the best cleaning vacuums in the industry.  Designed and engineered for American homes, with high filtration, robust designs, large capacity bags, and deep cleaning being paramount.   From the best cleaning lightweights, to the brute force of their exclusive twin suction motor tandem air machines, to the smooth and quiet 25 series, there is something for everyone.  A test drive is critical in selecting the right machine for your situation, so please come in and let one of our factory trained employees help you decide which machine is right for you.


This is the sister company to Riccar vacuums.  Many of the Simplicity vacuum designs of years gone by have been absorbed into the Riccar line up.   The current line up of Simplicity vacuums contains many specialty vacuums, including rechargeable machines, canisters, and lower priced upright vacuums.   We stock a pretty full line up of both Riccar and Simplicity machines, as well as bags, belts, filters and parts for both older and current models.

Simplicity Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


A leader in the industry, Dyson vacuums have had a huge impact on the way we vacuum.   Love them or hate them, they are unique and innovative machines.   We have been an authorized dealer and servicer since 2004.   Currently in limited supply due to factory shutdowns related to Covid, we try and stock a variety of units, as well as parts, supplies and service for your current Dyson.   Come in and see us whatever your Dyson need, a new vacuum, or a tune up on an older one, chances are we can help you out.

Dyson Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Bissell is a budget line-up of bag-less vacuums, widely sold in the Box stores. We carry a few select models for the budget conscious consumer, as well as many of their great carpet cleaners/extractors.  We are a factory trained warranty center for Bissell, and can help with any of your Bissell needs or questions.   

Bissell is the leader in home carpet cleaners and portable spot cleaners.  They are our choice for these units as well.   If you need to shampoo your carpet, come on in and let us show you the best home units available.

Bissell Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Sadly, after decades of selling Panasonic vacuums, Panasonic decided to leave the vacuum business.   We still offer service and parts for these units, but they are no longer making new units.

Panasonic Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dirt Devil

This is another line of inexpensive specialty products, such as stick vacuums, hand vacs, light duty uprights, and so forth.   We offer a few select models based on availability and demand, as well as belts, and filters, for many of their units.

Dirt Devil Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Kirby is the best-known door-to-door vacuum sold and for good reason. They offer superior cleaning, unmatched durability, and versatility.  We do not sell new Kirby’s, they can only be purchased from an in-home salesperson.  We do however offer used Kirby vacuums.   Our selection varies based on availability.  We are the only factory-authorized Kirby service provider in Salt Lake.  So if you own a Kirby, and need anything: parts, repair, a tune-up, bags, shampoo, belts, or help with how to use your Kirby, come and see us.  We have been an authorized Kirby shop for nearly 40 years.  We love Kirby’s and can help you love yours.

Kirby Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah


Unheard of a decade ago, Shark is now one of the most popular brands sold.  Why? You ask.  Well, we think it is a combination of decent performance at a competitive price and consumer-friendly features.  While we do sell some Sharks, honestly we don’t have access to their full lineup, as they mostly sell through only national retailers. 

There are a few things we think you should know, before you buy a Shark, however.   First, all warranty issues are handled through Shark, on the phone, and by mail order.  There is NO local Shark warranty service,  meaning if it fails under warranty you may end up sending it out of state for repair.  Second, they do not sell parts.  No belts, brush rolls, switches, internal hoses, and so forth.  This means you may end up needing a whole new vacuum, simply because a small part is not available.

We do offer repair service and tune-up services, we have most filters, as well as, some factory refurbished Shark models in store. We also save some used parts from the many, many unrepairable Sharks we dispose of each year,  so if you have a Shark that is not working correctly, please bring it in, and let us take a look to see if we can help you out before you throw it out.   Just be a smart consumer, and know that when you are buying a Shark, you are buying a disposable vacuum, it’s the surprise of not knowing that seems to be the most upsetting to Shark owners.

Kirby Vacuums, City Wide Vacuum, Salt Lake City, Utah

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